Embedding Video

As with images, it is important to protect the privacy of your students when embedding video content. There should be no recognizable students in the video if you are uploading it to your eP.

There are a few ways to do this:

  1. You can upload it first to a third party site such as ‘TeacherTube’ (like youtube but no inappropriate ads and meant only for educational content). If the work is student product or has student images, then FIPPA applies and you are not permitted to upload it to a US based server (which TeacherTube is). You could try a Canadian housed server (such as canadaka.net – though I haven’t tested this site out as yet)
  2. or you can upload a link to a short video using the ‘add media’ button in the editor (as I’ve done with the ‘birds’ video, taken on a class field trip, below):
    Add mediaI’ve chosen to upload this brief clip straight to my UBC Blog since it was taken on a school field trip and does have students in it – though their identity is protected as their backs are to the camera)


*If you choose to upload the video to a 3rd party site, you can adjust the privacy of your video – if your eP is a private space, you could make the video private and, therefore, only viewable to those you give access to your site. I’d also suggest deselecting ‘allow download’ or ‘allow others to embed’ if this is content you want to keep strictly for your eP. I’ve uploaded the video below to TeacherTube since it is not student work product, nor does it show any students.

As with embedding slideshows, you need to copy the embed code after you upload the video to the 3rd party site you choose:
embed code
and then paste this code into the ‘TEXT’ editor (Click the ‘Text’ rather than the ‘visual’ tab) of the post or page in your blog.
text editor
Once pasted, Publish your work by clicking the blue publish button and you should see your embedded video when you view your page (NB: TeacherTube reviews video for appropriateness prior to it appearing publicly… this can take a few minutes…)

You also have the option of copying and pasting the ‘URL’ to ‘link out’ to your video content rather than embedding it. Paste the URL, then select the ‘link’ button from the editing menu in your page or post. Select ‘Add link’

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