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I will use this site as my own ePortfolio ‘sandbox’ where I mess around with features within wordpress and attempt to explain how I did what I did. As I develop it, I’ll try to keep the look and feel of an eP to give you ideas about design and navigation. If you click on the ‘FAQ’ tab, this will take you to a series of ‘how-to’ and blog postings about eP’s.

I have created this site with a ‘static’ home page. That means, when someone ‘lands’ on my site, they get a page with whatever content I’ve added to it (text, image, etc). This is different from a ‘posts’ driven blog where my latest postings show up on my home page. Go to the ‘Customize’ menu (under Appearance) to select either a static page or posts driven landing page.

*The above slideshow was created using flickr – once created in flickr, you copy the ’embed’ code and paste it into the ‘text’ editor field when you are making the page or post.
Text field

Please also visit the tutorials available here https://blogs.ubc.ca/portfolio/  and note that CTLT offers weekly WordPress drop-in sessions where you will be able to get one on one support as needed!  http://www.events.ctlt.ubc.ca/

Questions? Comments? Clarification? Something you’re trying to figure out? Feel free to email or post a comment on one of the pages in this blog.


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