Here I can upload a pdf file of my philosophy of teaching statement (using the ‘upload/insert’ tool) Philosophy of Educational Technology or, I can embed it in this text box by typing or copy/paste. In this case, I’ve uploaded a pdf file of a graphic organizer to highlight key aspects of my philosophy of ed tech but I could also easily link to a formal paper or reflection.

Another option would be to create a powerpoint slide show that illustrates my philosophy in a more dynamic way. The example above was created in Powerpoint and uploaded to Slideshare. Once in Slideshare, I copied the ’embed’ code and pasted it into the ‘TEXT’ editor box. This is also how you embed video from youtube, teacher tube or other site.

tip: be sure to click the ‘text’ tab on the top right of your ‘editing box’ before pasting so that your page recognizes the html embed code! If you paste it in the ‘visual’ editor, it won’t work.

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