The December Agreement

You can find the text of the agreement struck between Sweden’s Social Democratic-Green minority government and the four established bourgeois opposition parties here.  I’ve posted a google-translated version below.

  • I am not sure whether the phrase “knockouts from the budget will not be possible” means that i) amendments to the budget (e.g., striking out particular line items) are prohibited, or ii) that a government cannot be defeated on the budget.
  • What I find immediately striking about this agreement is that it extends through 2022, i.e., through the next parliamentary term too.  I’ll ask some colleagues how un/usual this is — but it strikes me as out of the ordinary; most coalition / outside-support agreements only run for a single parliamentary term for the very reason that nobody can see beyond the next election.
The Social Democrats, Conservatives, the Green Party, the Centre Party, Liberal Party and the Christian Democrats 26 December 2014 reached the following agreement.
Since enkammarriksdagens introduction, Sweden, with few exceptions, been ruled by minority governments. The Constitution Act also assume that Sweden can be controlled by a minority government. It takes the form of a Prime Minister does not need the support of a majority of MPs.A number of decisions have also been taken to minority governments should be able to get through their budgets in parliament and thus be able to implement its economic policies. Meanwhile, Sweden also had a political tradition of working across the block boundary in matters where it is important to have continuity.The political conditions in Sweden means that it is likely that Sweden will be governed by minority governments over the next few years, but it has become harder than before. Against this background, we make an agreement to make Sweden possible to ruleThe agreement means the following:
The Prime Minister candidate who collects support from the party constellation that is larger than all other possible government constellations will be released ahead.
A minority government should be able to get through its budget.
knockouts from the budget will not be possible.
The agreement identifies three policy areas for collaboration and conversation.The conclusion of the agreement parties value the tradition we had in Sweden when it comes to partisan agreements on defense and security and pension systems. A changed and complicated the security situation underlines the importance of cooperation on defense and security.

Regarding the pension agreement, we want as soon as possible to ensure that the work of the working group on pensions can continue. It is natural that the Green Party,
when it is part of the government, has the opportunity to contribute and participate in the pension group important work.

Long-term thinking in the energy sector is desirable. Starting in February, all the parties that signed the agreement to participate in an Energy Commission.
With the party constellation below referred to parties that interact in government or the budget.

As regards the forms of parliamentary work, we agree to:
The candidate for prime minister who represents the largest portion of the constellation released until the vote on the President’s proposal. This is done by other parties behind this agreement abstains. The same applies when voting on incumbent Prime Minister following an election.

The proposed Framework Decision and guidelines of the economic policies of the party constellation is greater released until the budget vote in Parliament. If there is a risk that the proposal would otherwise fall refrains other parties behind this agreement from participating in the vote. The same also applies to the decision amending budget and spring budget (including guidelines for economic policy).

• After the draft Framework Decision is adopted, the following applies.

– Proposal for distribution of resources within areas of expenditure from the party constellation won the vote on the framework decision released until the vote in Parliament. This is done by other parties behind this agreement does not add reservations without special opinions at the committee stage of the allocation of funds, and then refrain from participating in the vote in the House.

The legislation required that the expenditure and income will fall out in the way that seen from the above-adopted state budget released until the vote in
chamber. This is done by other parties behind this Agree ment to refrain from participating in the voting.

– The Government monitors and implements the Riksdag budget decisions. Committee Initiative on bill or draft amending budgets which, if adopted, would mean
changes in income or need for increased or decreased appropriations in respect to the approved budget one, is not presented by the other parties behind this agreement.

Initiate a review of current regulations with the task of reviewing the budget process, based on the work conducted in the budget process Committee and the last term of office RO overhaul. This work is done in the context of an investigation.

This Agreement shall apply for the first time in conjunction with the Government in April 2015 to present Spring Fiscal Policy Bill. The agreement is valid until Election Day 2022nd

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