Tubifi – What’s All the Hype?

“Tubifi (Tübe-ê-fy) verb. To democratize the creation of world-class video at a 1/10th of the price and a fraction of the time.”

Launched just 4 days ago, Tubifi has been a primary topic of discussion amongst various tech and social media blogs. So what is Tubifi, exactly, what do they do, and how does it work?


Tubifi, developed by John Belchers, Harbaldeep Singh, and Micha Barnum, is essentially a powerful online tool to create high quality video ads. They position themselves as the prime inexpensive solution, targeting small and medium-sized businesses with tight budgets (basically with limited money, time, and talent).


What they do is offer a database filled with stock audio and visual materials as well as media directly downloadable from content providers. The website can also monitor the video performance (even by the second) as well as the number of times the link is shared through social media. Tubifi stresses that social media and mobile technology are booming and can end up sucking dry the promotional budget. Thus, Tubifi’s USP is simply that it’s insanely inexpensive and fast.


The following video was created through Tubifi for Alpha Five, an app development and security business for the web and mobile devices in the software industry.


YouTube Preview Image


“World-class advertising comes at a price. A very low one.”


Tubifi estimates the costs of traditional advertisement to be nearly $300,000 over the span of however long it would take to shoot at the various locations and create CGI. By using its online tools, Alpha Five was able to produce this at $15,000 within 3 days. They are able to do this because Tubifi minimizes production costs with pre-existing footage.


I’ll definitely be keeping a lookout for firms using this innovative online tool for future advertising!

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18. September 2011 by Valerie Song
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