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Pitch It to Win It: 15-Second Elevator Pitching Tips from Forbes!

We’ve all heard it. The first impression. The elevator pitch. The adjustment of your voice a few tones higher. So what does it really take to capture someone’s attention in the first 15? Continue reading

18. September 2012 by Valerie Song
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Quick Case Studies #1: Preventing Millennials From Chegg-ing Out

A student’s analysis on the effect of Generation Y on the job market. Based on: Continue reading

17. September 2012 by Valerie Song
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My Top 5 Most Anticipated New Touchscreen Laptops of 2012

On a crazy new hunt to find a new personal laptop, I have been roaming the tech forums. According Computex reports, the trend this year is a series of hybrid, multi-purpose Windows 8 laptops that boast of their light weight, … Continue reading

12. September 2012 by Valerie Song
Categories: Product Positioning & Branding, Technology, Top News | 3 comments

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