July 22

Thanks to everyone who took part in this week’s discussion. It was great to have more new people joining us, this week from California and the mines of New Mexico.

I was very struck by the links between our readings and discussions we have had over the past several months… the connections with themes raised by Alberto, Erin, and Patrick, for instance. And also, as I said, how timely the work of the Colectivo Situaciones feels (once again). The question they raise is the one we’ve been asking from the very start of Virtual Koerner’s: how to think within the situation, our situation being (at least in part) that of the pandemic. And I think the model of militant research, research without an object, is quite similar to what we have been (accidentally) doing here. We know how we are starting, but we don’t know where we will end up, or who “we” will be when we do…

Meanwhile, Ricardo has gotten into the habit, it seems, of writing a blog post at an ungodly hour following our Wednesday meetings. Check out what he’s written: “Situaciones del ‘profesorado’ en tiempos de COVID”. Other blog posts are here.

This coming week we continue with the series of sessions organized by Ana Vivaldi (once again, many thanks!) in preparation for the visit of Diego Sztulwark at the end of the month.

Now we begin reading texts directly by Sztulwark himself, specifically from his recent book, La ofensiva sensible: Neoliberalismo, populismo y el reverso de lo político:

Optional but very much recommended are also two videos dealing with the book:

We will meet on Wednesday, July 22, from 4pm Pacific.

All this will take place on Zoom, of course. Because it’s 2020.

As always, however, feel free to join us later in the evening (from around 5:30pm onwards), without any expectation of having read the texts, and drink in hand if you so wish, for a more social check in.

Also as always, please do feel free to invite others (whether they are in Vancouver or not) to join us. Virtual Koerner’s is fully in Phase Four of lockdown, and we are delighted to see our “bubble” continuing to expand. If anyone wants to be added to the list, they can be in touch with me.

And again, we very much welcome and invite suggestions of texts, speakers, discussion topics, and so on. We especially welcome a) texts written by VK participants (short texts can be posted to our blog), and b) suggestions for linked “cycles” of sessions that might, like Ana’s current cycle, include different kinds of texts on a common theme.

We look forward to seeing you next week.

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