More references and examples

Some particularly high quality video or other resources

The strategies shown here have been implemented at the University of British Columbia and University of Colorado as part of the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative (CWSEI) and The University of Colorado Science Education Initiative (CU-SEI). Some strategies were developed during these education improvement initiatives but many were adapted from known techniques, or by incorporating what is known and documented in the literature about how people learn and post secondary science education.

Plenty of other sources of examples are out there. Example include:

  • the MERLOT ELIXR Initiative, a digital case story repository that hosts more than 70 discipline-specific multimedia stories.
  • Also, the “Pedagogy in Action” portal for educators is a great starting point for Teaching Methods (The What, Why and How), Activities Direct from the Classroom, and Research on Learning – A Bibliography of the Print and Web literature.
  • See also the full range of resources at the SERC site starting at
  • The iBiology Scientific Teaching Series is a collection of videos that provides current and future undergraduate biology instructors with the tools to design and implement a student-centered curriculum using evidence-based pedagogy.
  • The Repository for Envisioning Active-Learning Instruction in Science Education is another collection, although most videos are pointed to on other sites.

If you know of a particularly rich source for helping instructors adopt research based instructional strategies let us know.

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