V02: References and guidelines

For more on benefits see : http://www.eos.ubc.ca/research/cwsei/eossei-times/EOSSEITimes_4.1GroupExams.pdf

A two page summary with tips for successful two stage exams is at

Other references:

  • Gilley, B. and Clarkston, B. “Collaborative testing: evidence of learning in a controlled in-class study of undergraduate students”, Accepted for publication in Journal of College Science Teaching, January, 2014.
  • Cortright, R.N., Collins, H.L., Rodenbaugh D.W., and DiCarlo, S.T. 2003. Student retention of course content is improved by collaborative‐group testing, Advan. Physiol. Edu. 27: 102‐108 pp, 2003
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  • CWSEI: For supporting science education development at UBC.
  • Faculty of Science: I. Cavers for encouragement and funding.
  • Thank you to students and teaching assistants in the class for agreeing to sign permission wavers for filming.
  • Contact for further information: find instructor(s) on the EOSC 326 home page.

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