References and guidelines

  1. Short checklists and guidelines on worksheets, motivation, group work, assessments and other aspects of running interactive classes – both large and small.
  2. Several types of resources about teaching with clickers.
  3. References and guidelines at the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative at UBC.
  4. References and guidelines at the Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Education Initiative at UBC.


  • CWSEI: For supporting science education development at UBC.
  • CTLT: Video expertise: C. Crowley, T. Scott, S. Dyanatkar, J. Miller.
  • Faculty of Science: I. Cavers for encouragement and funding.
  • Thank you to students in all classes for agreeing to sign permission wavers for filming.
  • Contact for further information: find instructor(s) on the EOSC 326 home page.