Purpose and origin of this collection

This collection is now also available on the UBC Science Youtube channel.

This collection of videos was inspired by the observation that instructors are most likely to consider trying new teaching strategies after watching a colleague or a video that demonstrates the strategy in action in a real setting. These are not documentaries or testimonials. They are demonstrations of students learning, and teaching strategies in action.

Teaching strategies “proven” to be effective using experimental or empirical methods do, of course, need to be used properly and this may take practice. Therefore, hints are provided in text that accompanies each video clip. Look for aspects of student behavior, instructing actions, logistical tips and other characteristics of these successful teaching strategies in order to gain some insight about what it takes to have these strategies work optimally. See the menu item Home -> More references for some other video collections. Continue reading

Structure of Information

Each video clip includes a description, the clip with accompanying text to help focus on key features, some tips from the instructor shown, the context in which the strategy is used as shown in the clip, teaching materials used in this particular strategy (where possible), and some references pointing to origins of evidence that suggests this strategy can be effective when used properly.

Note that all students and TAs appearing in these videos have signed a permission-to-use waver.

Recent Updates

December 2015: This video collection was presented formally twice: As a poster at the Faculty of Science Education Open House in April 2015, and as an interactive presentation at the International Conference on Improving University Teaching (IUT) July 2014.

October 3, 2014: V06 is complete and only waiting for a downloadable copy of the worksheet used in this video. The context is first year (algebra-based) physics but the strategies, and student experience, are entirely transferable into just about any large lecture-style class with hundreds of students.

July 2, 2014: V05 has been posted. This demonstrates active strategies in a second year math “proofs” course. Its true!  You can use active learning strategies to teach in any setting (“even” math …), so long as it’s done well and students know what they are striving to become capable of doing.

March 26, 2014: V03 and V04 finally posted. We made a few more tweaks than expected, plus there was some time spent figuring out what to put for licensing, copyright and attribution.

Feb. 28, 2014: Vo3 and 4 are nearly done – but still need posting, and some text needs finishing.

Dec 15, 2013: Pages accompanying video V02, about two-stage exams have been completed. Also page names have been adjusted to make navigation clearer.

Dec 12, 2013:  The “what to look for” sections of video clips in the “Lab & Active Class for 150” section were updated.