V04: Context for this video

The course: EOSC340, Climate Change, taught by Dr. Sara Harris, is a science elective for 3rd or 4th year science students who are not taking an earth, atmospheric or ocean science degree. Sometimes a co-teacher is involved – Dr. David Jessop in this instance. The focus is on mechanisms and processes of past and future global environmental and climate change.

Course structure: Thirteen week term; two 80 minutes lessons per week for up to 350 students (no labs or other meetings); taught in a traditional large lecture theater. Pedagogy includes worksheet driven, group based activities on most days. Pre-readings are standard for delivering basic new content, and clickers (personal response systems) are used as a normal part of the lecturing process.

Resources: Textbook; homework, notes and other materials delivered or coordinated using the UBC “Connect” learning management system (a Blackboard Learn™ product); TAs support tutoring practices during class and help with grading of homework, midterms and exams.

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