Has there been a change in the fish after the typhoon?

Oh yeah, after the typhoon, we went out in the water and we can tell that the some of the fish are gone, because I think they lost their home because of the typhoon. When we go out there, when we look, everything’s white. I think all the corals are stressed from the typhoon, and the fish are gone because they lost their homes. It’s a good thing now after the typhoon, they start coming back.

Good! Do you think the communities think it is important to manage the reefs?

Yeah, after the workshop [hosted by One People One Reef┬áin summer 2014] we can tell that the community knows that this job is helping not just our island, but the whole atoll. So I’m glad that they help us, they manage the fish. They fish, every time they go out fishing and they caught the small fish, they just throw them back in the water for the next generation.