United Way Update

Posted on behalf of Cassie Dominic, co-Chair, Brock Hall United Way Committee

Fall and the crisp weather makes me think of the coming holiday season but in the last few years, it has also made me think of the community I exist in and how to show compassion for all around who may experience holiday seasons in a very different way than I do, for a variety of reasons. For this reason, I decided to become more involved with United Way.

The UBC United Way Campaign is an annual workplace campaign that runs in the fall and creates a great opportunity for students, staff, and faculty on campus to connect, network and raise funds for a great cause. The University of British Columbia (Vancouver and Okanagan) has been the top contributor to United Way for many years. Since 2009 UBC has consistently raised over $550,000 annually in support of the local community.

All over campus between now and the end of December, there are various fundraising initiatives taking place to garner awareness and support for the campaign. Here in Brock Hall, we have a fantastic little committee that has come together from most units that work out of the building and we are collaboratively putting together a few events to support the cause that will be held in the Main Concourse (in front of the CSI&C):

  • Brock Hall Breakfast: November 20th between 9am and 10.30am
  • Brock Hall Bake Sale: November 21st between 11am and 1pm

Below is a summary of ES colleagues in support of UW pledges via payroll or one-time donations (at the events) & eligibility details for Brock Hall prizes, breakfast & bake sale:

ES staff who pledge a minimum of $5 per pay/payroll deduction in the month of October 2019 are eligible for:

  • Free coffee (Ethical Bean and Milano) for the month of November
  • Brock Hall prize draws, ticket to Nov 20 breakfast & 1 baked good from bake sale (Nov 21)

ES staff who pledge a one-time donation (any amount) via pledge/UBC UW site in the month of October 2019 are eligible for Brock Hall prize draws, ticket to Nov 20 breakfast & 1 baked good from bake sale (Nov 21)

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