Week 8- Discussion #2: Changing to Clouds

What are the benefits to converting a business or school district to cloud computing?

Here are some benefits to converting school district to cloud computing.

1. All about $$$

I always carry my external hard drive, because I don’t want to save all my work (including notes, lessons, templates, ideas, projects, marks, and other confidential items) in the school server. This could be exposed to public or could be lost if the school board deletes work by accident or by purpose (to “clean up” every year). I’ve seen most of my colleagues carrying either their laptops/netbooks/tabletPCs or external hard drive just like me. Considering that an external hard drive with size 1TB or bigger costs $100 or more each, clouds save more money if we take a look at the bigger picture.

In addition, cloud computing also saves my energy to carry heavy IT equipment to my work and back home. I used to take my 14″ laptop with me to school, but after I changed it to my external hard drive, my bag became lighter. Now, as I use cloud-based apps more often these days, my bag is even lighter than when I carried the external hard drive.

2. No worry about losing work or the location of work

As long as you don’t forget your username and password, you don’t need to worry about where you saved your work. It used to be one of the biggest concerns I had when I saved my work in the school computer (no problem when I used my own laptop). Sometimes all the work I save in the school computer disappear when the school board did server maintenance.

Some people worry about losing data or work because of the Internet getting suddenly disconnected. However, most of the cloud-based apps “autosave” work every few seconds/minutes, so I think losing data is not a huge concern.  

3. More space

Cloud-based apps have much more space to save work and upload files.

4. No program needs to be purchased

For the programs like Prezi or Glogster, you don’t need to purchase clip arts or MS Office programs (e.g. PowerPoint). Everything that you need (including fonts, images, and other cool features) is there already, so you just need to sign up. It’s a great idea for students who can’t afford to purchase desktop programs.


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