We have released the following software in our group. All of these are under a BSD style license. We ask that you cite the relevant papers if you use any of our software in your research. Please contact me if you want access to something not listed here.

Fault Injectors and Error Resilience

  • LLFI -> LLVM Based Fault Injector
  • PINFI -> PIN Based Fault Injector
  • GPU-Qin -> Fault Injector for GPUs
  • CrashFinder – Identify Long Latency Crashes through Static Analysis
  • Recov – Find locations to minimize checkpoint corruptions
  • LLFI-GPU – LLVM Based Fault Injector for GPUs
  • LLFI-IPA – LLVM Based Fault Propagation Analysis for Multi-threaded Programs

Web applications

  • LED – DOM element locator synthesis
  • Aurebesh – Static Analysis for AngularJS applications
  • ToChal – Change Impact Analysis for JavaScript
  • Vejovis -> Automatic Fix Generator for DOM-JavaScript Faults
  • Clematis -> DOM Event JavaScript code understanding
  • Dompletion -> Code completion support for DOM-Javascript interactions
  • AutoFLox -> Automatic Fault Localizer DOM-JavaScript Faults
  • Mutandis -> Mutation Testing tool for JavaScript Applications
  • BugAnalyzer -> Bug Report Analyzer for JavaScript Based Web Applications