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Reflections on Organization and Community

So, it’s been about six months since I began working on the wiki organization project. With the launch of the updated interface, I thought I’d take a quick moment to reflect. When I began working on the Wiki in July, … Continue reading

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UBC Wiki Getting New Look and Feel

On December 23, 2010, the UBC Wiki will be receiving an extensive update to be a more dynamic, useful, and useable collaborative platform. To help signify that the UBC Wiki is an official UBC project, we’re giving it a new … Continue reading

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Content / Collaboration: The UBC Wiki & Library Integration

On November 18, 2010, I was invited to present an overview of the UBC Wiki as part of the UBC Library Systems and Information Technology brown bag sessions. The UBC Library is one of the largest users of the Wiki, … Continue reading

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Open Access & The UBC Wiki

This week is Open Access Week, an international event that promotes the benefits of Open Access to the academic and research community. As part of the week, UBC is hosting its own series of events and Novak and I were … Continue reading

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Philosophical Ownership & Open Collaboration

Occasionally, I get inquiries if it is possible to create or modify a page on the UBC Wiki so it is only editable or viewable by an invited group of people. The UBC Wiki is an open platform with no … Continue reading

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Wiki Seeding

In an earlier post, I listed some lessons that helped the Davis Wiki become widely used. One of these lessons that stood out is the idea that wikis need content to breed content. The founders of the Davis Wiki created … Continue reading

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Using the UBC Wiki as a Content Management System

The new UBC eLearning site recently went live and part of its content is being managed in the UBC Wiki. For example, the source of the eLearning toolkit page is this UBC Wiki page. The Wiki Append WordPress plug-in allows … Continue reading

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Intro to the UBC Wiki Screencast

Here’s a screencast giving a quick tour of the UBC Wiki: This is the first screencast that I’ve made so it’s a bit rough and I’ll be editing and tweaking it over the next few days. The final video should … Continue reading

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Wiki Roadtrip: Davis

Davis, California, is home to one of the largest municipal-focused wikis in the world.  As of November 2009, DavisWiki.org had over 14,945 pages, 11,134 registered editors, and averaged 10,000 unique visitors daily.  Not bad for a town with a population … Continue reading

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Learning by Doing, Training by Tinkering

I installed a local version of MediaWiki on my laptop today. MediaWiki is the software platform on which the UBC Wiki runs and I wanted to go through this process for a couple of different reasons: First, I hope to … Continue reading

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