Working class academics

by E Wayne Ross on July 14, 2005

A request from the Working Class Studies mailing list:

I’m starting to collect material for a webumentary I’m creating. The
target audience is working-class students (college and upper high
school), their parents, and their advisors. The topic is something
along the lines of “negotiating higher education,” and everything that
entails. I know for many people with wc/pc backgrounds, the college
experience and everything surrounding it was very different than it
was for our counterparts from different backgrounds.

I’m looking at US experience at this point, since that’s the audience
I know and can envision using this.

I’ll be doing some interviewing at the Working Class Academics
conference in Ithaca at the end of the month. If anyone on this list
is going to the conference and is interested in being interviewed (or
in contributing other material to the webumentary), please drop me a
line. I can be reached at this email address, or at

Thanks very much,
Tery Griffin