ICES / Workplace Statement of Academic Freedom & Open Access

ICES, Critical Education and Workplace defend the freedom, without restriction or censorship, to disseminate and publish reports of research, teaching, and service, and to express critical opinions about institutions or systems and their management.  Co-Directors of ICES, co-Hosts of ICES and Workplace blogs, and co-Editors of these journals resist all efforts to limit the exercise of academic freedom and intellectual freedom, recognizing the right of criticism by authors or contributors.

ICES, Critical Education and Workplace  function with an independent and free press ethic, as a publisher and as media for its academic and citizen journalists. Critical Education and Workplace publish academic research along with a range of critical opinion while the ICES and Workplace blogs, Twitter stream, and FaceBook timelines support academic and citizen journalism. The co-Directors of ICES function in various capacities as editors, researchers, teachers, cultural critics or intellectuals, and academic and citizen journalists.

ICES, Critical Education and Workplace defend open access and the principle that making information or research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

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