CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Second Annual Critical Race Studies in Education Conference

by E Wayne Ross on December 12, 2007


Second Annual Critical Race Studies in Education Conference

“Toward a Critical Race Praxis in Education and Social Life”

May 16-17, 2008
The University of Illinois at Chicago

Critical race theorists have increasingly challenged the education
community to more fully consider the processes, structures, practices and
policies that create and promote persistent racial inequalities in
education and in the broader society. For example, they have demanded that
the “achievement gap” be viewed, along with other gaps in income, housing,
employment etc. as a consequence of racism. While these analyses have
proliferated and scholars of color have managed to publish their work with
prestigious educational journals and book presses, there has been little
discussion about how to develop a critical race praxis in education that
might have transformative possibilities. This conference is designed to
bring together scholars, activists, educators, students and community
members who are concerned about the persistence of racial inequalities in
education and in the broader society. The conference organizers invite
papers that document scholarship, teaching, activist work at the local
level, and community organizing efforts aimed at transforming racist
practices, policies and systems in schools and in the broader society.
More specifically, your proposal should address one of the following

Engendering Justice and Critiquing Systems of Oppression for Black and
Latino Youth (Facilitated by David Stovall, UIC)

Life in Schools: Critical Counterstories and Testimonios by and about
Urban Teachers (Facilitated by Tara Yosso, University of California at
Santa Barbara)

The Apartheid of Knowledge in Higher Education (Facilitated by Lynette
Danley, University of Utah)

Critical Conceptual or Empirical Analyses of the Links between Race, Class
and/or Gender and Sexuality (Facilitated by Michelle Jay at the University
of South Carolina and Theodorea Berry, The American College of Education,

The Globalization of Racism and White Supremacy in the new world order
(Facilitated by Marvin Lynn, UIC & Danny Martin, UIC)

Proposals should include the following:
* A cover page which includes title of paper, as well as name,
affiliation, contact information, and a 100 word abstract
* No more than a 1000 word descriptive summary that should include:

1. A theoretical framework section that shows how the paper draws from
Critical Race Theory
2. An explanation of the methods (empirical, conceptual or theoretical)
and a summary of the results
3. A conclusion and educational significance section that illustrates how
and why the topic is important and worthwhile for improving or
transforming education for racially marginalized youth

Criteria for Evaluating Proposals
* Connection to CRT
* Quality of Writing and Organization
* Overall Contribution to the Field of Critical Race Studies in Education

Please go to: to
register or contact UIC Department of Curriculum & Instruction Secretary,
Sharon Earthely at or at 312-996-4508 in order to register by phone.