Chilean Teachers, Government Strike Tentative Deal

by E Wayne Ross on June 8, 2009

Latin American Herald-Tribune: Chilean Teachers, Government Strike Tentative Deal

SANTIAGO – Represents of the 80,000 Chilean teachers who have been on strike for three weeks reached an accord with authorities Friday on a mechanism for the educators to receive two years’ worth of promised bonuses, but a firm deal still depends on approval by the union rank and file.

Union members are due to meet Saturday in regional assemblies to consider the proposal.

The strike is affecting nearly 1 million students nationwide.

The educators, who are owed around $2,000 each, had demanded an immediate payment of $877 with the balance to come by October at the latest, a proposal accepted by municipalities, which administer Chile’s public schools, but not by the Education Ministry.

Municipal governments acknowledge that they owe teachers as much as $142 million in bonuses for 2007 and 2008. EFE