COCAL Updates

by E Wayne Ross on June 28, 2012

Updates in brief and links

1. A rare look into who really controls “public” universities or “Yes Virginia, there really is a ruling class, and you are not in it.”

2. Here is a new one, an ad for a pt/adjunct to evaluate other adjuncts, at Harper College in suburban Chicago. Note, this is the college that, back in the 80’s, challenged cc adjuncts very right to unionization under the education employment relations law there and delayed cc adjunct unionization in IL for nearly two decades until we could change the law.

3. For-profits discuss shrinkage of federal funds and their response

4. the third section of Alex Kudera’s adjunct novel, Fight for Your Long Day, in graphic novel form is now up on the web at 

5. NYT on Duquesne fight. Voting starts Friday.

6. Another reason to go to COCAL X in Mexico City, progressive politics there

7. Provost at StonyBrook, SUNY, fires longterm adjuncts for supposedly now not have proper credentials
This behavior has happened at other places, usually in retaliation for faculty being too demanding or a desire to weaken the union (personal experience, jb)

8. NLRB to reconsider grad unionization at private universities

9. For-profit Career Ed Corp is forced by accreditors to defend its claims on job placement for its SF campus, California Culinary Academy

10. Reality check on corporate profits and wages, at all time high and low respectively

11. IHE article on recent CAW study on part-time faculty

12. U of VA reinstates president after corporate right wingers who engineered her ouster were themselves defeated (resigned)

13. A letter to CHE from a faculty member at a for-profit

13. Why corporate execs should not run schools

14. Interesting debate in the Nation on union strategies in the wake of the loss in Wisconsin.

15. IHE article on AAUP report on governance rights for contingent faculty