Voting for Sexy Candidates is Sexy.

Let’s face it: looks matter. Attractive people succeed in life. Just knowing that Kai and Taylor are extremely attractive individuals is probably enough to get you to read this blog. Their shear hilarity and awesomeness gets you coming back with every post.

Enter myself, Gossip Guy, into the fold, and holy shit, you’re probably checking this site more than twitter and facebook combined. Yeah, I’m vain like that. Deal with it.
There are some sparkle-tastic sexy candidates this year. Choosing solely and purely on looks, who would the Confidential pick? Only the ones that fit our extremely strict guidelines. Sometimes it’s fashion that tickles our fancy, other times it’s someone’s adorableness that fancies our tickle. First up…. Arts.

"oh hai"

Ryan Trasolini

He’s the definition of smarmy. He was the one out there in front of every event, looking awfully cold, handing out his fantastic yellow business cards. That has to be a few sparkle points and a gold star or two in the Unicorn Championships.

Fact is, the man is bold. He can be in your face. He’s not afraid to take chances, just like his seafoam green shirt in the picture. He’s quite adorable and cute, which is evened out by his obviously cheesey/sleazy behaviour.

Ryan Trasolini – we approve. Of everything. Except for that shirt. I fucking hate that colour.


NOT photoshopped. I swear. She actually hugs unicorns, and I'm really jealous.

Carolee Changfoot

Carolee rates ZOMG SO HIGH on the adorableness scale. Everytime we see you, we just want to go up and pinch your cute little cheeks! She also tends to and heals ill unicorns, as seen in the picture to the right. How sweet of her.

In other news that doesn’t strip me of my masculinity, the Vancouver Canucks signed Ryan Kesler to a 6 year, $30 million dollar contract, which locks him up through the 2015/2016 season. The previous post was about someone named Ryan, so it’s not all that random that I stuck this information here.

Carolee’s email address, cyc_azn_angel [at] hotmail [dot] com, is also absolutely stellar. +4 rainbow points.

We’ve named Michael Haack as runner up. Apparently he has a “stellllar” coach bag or something.

and what about those Science hotties? Well, not as great as the Arts candidates, naturally, but they’re still pretty good looking. ¬†They gave it their best shot. Also, I’m getting lazy. I can’t keep writing this much. Just captions from now on.

Maria Cirstea

we here at the AMS Confidential would like to congratulate, and recognize Maria for never wearing pants. hot. she also has made poledancing skillz. double hot.

Special recognition goes to Saba Marzara too. She’s super gorgeous… something we generally only say about people in Arts. Note to Saba.. if you want your picture up here, don’t block me from viewing your facebook profile pictures. kthxbai.

Moving on to… Engineering…

Amanda Li

amanda, we wanted to comment on your sexy as hell legs. then I found this picture of you and a cat. HOLY SHIT CATZILLA. CAT-O-SAURUS REX. that thing is massive.

Sina Sahami

sina would be more than happy to chat with you about Amanda's GIANT CAT, or any other election related things. give him a call at 778-869-7462. nice soul patch too.

It’s really all about the soul patch. That’s the only reason he’s on here. Maybe because I found a picture of him on the phone, right beside his phone number too. It’s one of those situations that you just can’t avoid.

and finally… HKin.

insert name here

what? nobody wins for HKin? They’re all probably fit and attractive. So we just aren’t going to bother with them. Besides… that music video was just too damn awesome.

One member of the Confidential crew may find the boy playing the guitar uber cute. Whatever.

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