Courses Taught and/or Offered

Italian Studies

  • In Search of Italianness through Novellas
  • The Italian Noir
  • The History of the Italian Language
  • Mafia and Organized Crime in Italian contemporary Literature
  • Italian Language and Culture (all Levels)
  • Italian for Business
  • Italian for Creative Writing
  • Italian Creative Nonfiction in the 21st Century
  • From Text to Screen: Italian literature in the Movies
  • Italian Literature in the Global World
  • Italian Techné: Arts and Crafts through the Ages
  • The Made in Italy Factor

Comparative Literature/World Literature

  • Transcultural Novels on the Global Scene
  • Neonomadic Literature in the Age of Global Mobility
  • Writers Writing Across Borders
  • Transcultual Literature and the Publishing Market
  • Global novels for Global Screens
  • Empire and World Literature
  • Transculture, the Arab World and the Maghreb Literary Tradition

Translation Studies

  • Self-Translation and Creative Writing
  • Translation: Theory and Practice