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“The Hubris of Public and Personal History in The Afrikaner by Arianna Dagnino” – A Review by Hollay Ghadery

“Zoe’s stagnancy is a fascinating reflection of the seeming impossibility of finding closure amidst the disparate beliefs and attitudes in post-colonial West Africa. It’s hard to forgive. It’s hard to forget. It can feel impossible to move forward,” writes Hollay Ghadery in her thoughtful and thought-provoking review of “The Afrikaner”, which she finds “as surprising as any contemporary post-colonial novel I could imagine.” You can read the whole review here:

The Afrikaner: Audiobook Project

With Los Angeles-based, South African-born actor Dennis Kleinman ( we have started working on an audiobook version of my novel “The Afrikaner”.

Obviously, we will need more funds to accomplish our task. I was thus thinking of initiating a crowdfunding campaign with Kickstarter or Go Fund Me.
Any suggestions re the best way to go about it?
You can listen to an excerpt from Chapter 1 read by Dennis here:

Reading Conrad in the Desert

“In the desert, in prison or out at sea, Conrad can be a good companion. I found in his pages a way to exorcise, at least in part, the darkest moments of my life” (The Afrikaner”). “There are several subplots that unfold over the 240 pages of Arianna Dagnino’s “The Afrikaner,” not the least of which is racism, and the scar it has left on white/black relationships after apartheid was abolished. Ms. Dagnino’s writing is authoritative and a pleasure to read. The pacing of the novel may be considered “slow” by some, but for me, this is modern literature at its best. As an aside, at one point in the story, Zoe [the main character, a female paleontologist] is gifted by Kurt [the troubled writer] a book to read in the desert: Conrad’s ‘The Secret Sharer,’ which blew me away because I was thinking at the time what a Conradian story ‘The Afrikaner’ is.” Read the whole interview of “The Afrikaner” by author James Fisher here:

Life, Possibilities, and the Kalahari’s Many Secrets in The Afrikaner by Arianna Dagnino

“The Afrikaner (Guernica Editions, 2019) is a powerful novel set in extraordinary locations in Africa, where we encounter some mysterious people […]”

Arianna Dagnino was born in Genova, Italy. After Moscow, London, and Boston, she worked in South Africa as a foreign correspondent. In Australia, she earned a PhD in sociology and comparative literature. She currently teaches at the University of British Columbia. Like many of her characters, she shares the nomadic experience.

You can read the rest of Joseph Pivato’s review of “The Afrikaner” in Accenti Magazine here:

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Interview in the “Vancouver Sun”: author “hopes to turn novel into a movie”!

Thanks to Dana Gee for the beautiful interview in the “Vancouver Sun” on my novel “The Afrikaner” and for getting the gist of it: “Arianna Dagnino hopes to turn novel into a movie”! :-)))

If you are interested in reading the full interview, you can find it at this link:

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The flash fiction movement hits Vancouver

Flash Fiction – ‘Brief, condensed stories written in under 1000 words, and read in a ‘flash’!

‘Vancouver Flash Fiction’ is a Resource Hub and Critique Circle for flash fiction writers living in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, serious about honing their craft.

The Critique Circle is available locally to flash fiction writers interested in receiving and giving feedback on their flash fiction ‘works in progress’ on a regular and ongoing basis. The Resource Hub is accessible to anyone anywhere, anytime.

Its purpose is:
To connect with other flash fiction writers and create a dynamic community of Canadian flash fiction writers.
To advance the flash fiction writing skills, production, and market opportunities, amongst Critique Circle participants.

“The Afrikaner” on its tour across Canada!

Join me and my fellow writers in our across-Canada group book launches!

The Afrikaner will be in Montreal on May 2 at Paragraphe bookstore as part of the Blue Metropolis Festival, then in Ottawa on May 5 at the new event space of the Vimy Brewing Company, and finally in Toronto on May 16 at the Columbus Event Centre. See posters here and also the Events page:

Share wildly and let’s meet on the road!

Cosmic Connections

Past or present, literature helps forge our future paths. “Cosmic Connections” – Asymptote’s Spring 2019 edition – traces the work of writers and translators from 27 countries and in 17 languages. This quarter’s special feature spotlights the art of translation. From interviews with Viet Thanh Nguyen and Dubravka Ugrešić to poetry by Gertrud Kolmar and Raymond Queneau. Cooler than black holes. Check this whole galaxy of creative reflections here: