Arianna Dagnino is:

Dr. Arianna Dagnino ’s and Dr. Stefano Gulmanelli’s company Nomads CA – Culture Lab can provide the best possible translation of specialized documents in fields such as economy, law, psychology and banking. Dr. Dagnino herself specialises in literary translations in the fields of fiction, history, photography, music, cinema, art, and culture in general.

Book Translated

Rymaszewski M. et al. 2007. La Guida Ufficiale di Second Life (The Official Guide to Second Life). Roma: La Biblioteca di Repubblica-L’Espresso.

McKenna, E.P. 2002. Donne che lavorano troppo (Women Who Work Too Much). Milano: Mondadori.

Springsteen, B. 1999. Bruce Springsteen: Songs. Milano: Mondadori.

Njiké-Bergeret, C. 2000. Passione d’Africa (Ma passion africaine). Milano: Mondadori.