Our next event will be on October 26th. This time we will have Dr. Jennifer Jacquet, a Post-doctoral fellow at the UBC Fisheries Centre. I read a bit about about Dr. Jacquet’s research from an article published in UBC Public Affairs about seafood stewardship and I thought this would be an interesting topic to discuss (because seafood is delicious and we’ve got lots of it in BC!). If you are interested in doing some homework before the Café, click on the hyperlink to UBC Public Affairs.

The abstract and title for the event is below:

The Comedy of Guilt in the Tragedy of the Commons

A lot of conservation initiatives today target consumers and largely appeal to guilt – an individual’s willingness to do the right thing.  But working higher in the demand or pollution chain, with retailers, restaurants, and governments, is a more effective strategy and will likely require relying on shame, rather than guilt, as a tactic.  Highlighting some theoretical research as well as examples from the real world, this talk will explore the use of guilt and shame in evolutionary psychology and in environmental efforts, focusing on seafood as well as other common resources.

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