November 2015


This portfolio created for showing my knowledge and works to the geographic information science and cartography. 

I love to collect all different kinds of maps as I see them as art pieces.  This course helped me develop a good sense to GIS as well as the technics and skills of using ArcGIS to produce maps.  People see the program as a strong scientific platform to analyze geographic data, and indeed, it is.  But I also consider it is a “canvas” because I can use this program to make beautiful maps.  It is important that we show to the publics with a concise, clear work telling them “what is this map showing” as not everyone understands it.  In the course, we once had to work in groups, and I realized that I am confident with my maps in terms of designing and presenting, I know how to make the map clear and easy to understand because I would like people know the powerfulness of maps.  

For more information about me, please go to the About page. 

Maps and works through out the course can be found under GIS Works.

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