A little story about me

Welcome to my personal portfolio showing my computer-based works in school. My name is Cherry, I am currently a fourth year geography major student at University of British Columbia studying Environment and sustainability.  I see myself as a person who has an enthusiastic mind towards my life, as I love to travel and love to appreciate all the beautiful things around the world.  Being studied in three different countries throughout my education career, I have a wider vision to the world; I have experienced different cultures and have learned how to see things in different aspects.  Each time I travel, I would buy a local map from the place I visit as a souvenir.  I see each map as an art piece and I also have a large world map with all the pins on it indicate places I’ve been to.  Thank to these project based course give me the opportunities to learn how to use ArcMap, ArcGIS, Adobe Illustrator to create my own maps and analysis data and information from the maps.  I’ve learned so many things that I did not know before and now I am able to find the data myself and using those data to create a map.  In this portfolio, you can see my maps and works from the courses, and I hope you enjoy your time visiting the site!        

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 10.20.08 PM