Open WorldCat is coming soon

by Jing Liu ~ July 18th, 2006. Filed under: News & Announcement. provides a permanent destination page and search box that lets a broader range of people discover the riches of library-held materials cataloged in the WorldCat database. More details…

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  1.   Mindy

    This is truly great news, I believe, not only for the general public, but also for small libraries like the one where I’m working. Due to the limitation of resources and the interdisciplinary nature of the summer session program, we have to process quite an amount of interlibrary loans. Though our provider library — the British Library has a great collection, still from time to time, we have to go to other libraries to locate items. And I remember because of late payment issue, we couldn’t get access to WorldCat in the first couple of days of the summer session program, which made some ILL requests really difficult for us to fulfill.

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