Hello from Nanaimo

by Jing Liu ~ May 26th, 2007. Filed under: Life.

Share with you guys a few photos of beautiful Nanaimo. Wish all of you a great summer.1.JPG
The neighborhood where I live

Vancouver Island Regional Library 1

Vancouver Island Regional Library 2

Nanaimo sky

Playground of a local primary school I pass by everyday

2 Responses to Hello from Nanaimo

  1.   Linda

    What a beautiful setting for a Public Library! Thank you for sharing the photos. Enjoy your work life there.

  2.   Jing

    This is the second week since I came back to China, and I haven’t seen this color of the clear sky yet. Hot and humid everywhere, can’t wait to go to Kunming!

    It’s not that easy to gain system’s experience from public libraries. Please make sure to share what you’ve learned with us. Enjoy the Nainamo Summer!

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