Everson's Talk and Chinese Writers' Visit

by Jing Liu ~ November 1st, 2008. Filed under: Events.

Prof. Michael E. Everson from U. of Iowa talked on issues in Chinese literacy learning. As Prof. Duff introduced, we don’t have any scholars in Canada like him, who has studied that deep on the issues. Besides the K-16 Chinese language teaching in the US, teaching and research programs in American universities are way ahead of ours. One thing came out of his talk to me is that the library should start to change our collection development policy to meet the needs from our students.Rushed back from the CRCLLE, I was happy to see the display thanks to Phoebe and our vendor for express delivery. I met Alison who brought the four gentlemen in the lobby. They were suprised to see their works re-designed to a variety of new products. 格非 said that he’d rather spend a year to go through our collection. 两位其他本家,刘震云和庆邦也感叹修身养性的好环境。 除了在书库里流连忘返也赞美四周高耸入云的水杉和鲜艳的枫叶。

下午的讨论会上,白烨先介绍国内的文坛现状和三位作家。庆邦强调劳动和诚实在他写作过程中的重要性。格非则讲,在生活中左右都逢源的人往往想不到写作,而失败者用写作与人交流。 震云将小说比喻成两个朋友灯下谈心,谈得投机分手时能达到心智的替换。想起我六年前产假后的一段写作经历,觉得三位的讲法都很实在。他们也分别提到自己独特的经历和感受,如震云的外婆,庆邦的母亲,以及格非生活中的低潮。

I like them all. Besides their strong interest in the library and books, they are sensitive and curious, amazed by all witches and wigs in the library. Above all, they are experiencing the world with their mind. Have to skip their dinner, for I have promised Qi and the kids to see the fireworks in South Arm.

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