Renmin University Forum

by Jing Liu ~ November 4th, 2008. Filed under: Experience.


Saturday, October 18th. We walked through campus in the morning breeze to visit the library and the Information Centre for Social Sciences. We have been subscribing to its series that offer value added resources and waiting for its online version. But comparing with other digital content providers, the Centre came to the late start, faces challenge of opening the oversea’s market. The library is in traditional setting, and pretty empty that Saturday morning. I was quite disappointed at the meeting. The leaders, Ms. Liu and Song, didn’t sound that welcoming for use of their special collections from Yan’an.

The afternoon forum was too long, and the copyright officials’ presence made me wonder if they were the reason that the Centre could not digitize their products sooner. The head of the China Archives of Publications provided an interesting presentation focusing on AV materials. It sounded like that users can benefit from its collections on the web. But we were not given time to ask questions.

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