Wet Master Diploma

by Jing Liu ~ June 12th, 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized.

No time for the congregation, but did remember to pick up my diploma on the way to Asian from LPC. “Congratulations!” The person at the Brock Hall desk was very cheerful when she handed me the diploma. At that moment, all the MAPPS folks came back to my mind. I miss my classmates who are all over the world now, and my profs. Oh, how much I enjoyed learning from them. Now, with all the confidence and clear mind, stronger sense of belonging and commitment, I am achieving more at work.

Anna stopped by my office. We both looked at Ken’s reply from USC, and fascinated by his finding from 1930’s LA Times. When Anna tried to point something on the screen, she knocked over my coffee mug, and the poor diploma… I really meant it when I calmed down Anna. It’s just a piece of paper, and all the knowledge and happy memories will be with me forever.

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  1.   Lingbo

    Congratulations! A Ph.D. next?

    At the Lib. Tech. program, there was a section on book replairs in the Archival course. There is a way to clean any kind of stain… But it is too late for your diploma now. True, the knowledge and happy memories will last forever.

  2.   Allan

    Congratulations Jing! Much deserved after many years of hard work. I hope you enjoy your freedom now from classes. I’m sure your new knowledge and skills will come into use in your job and career!

  3.   mirc

    Thank you.It’s wonderfull.

  4.   Advanced Diploma

    what’s “Wet Master Diploma” I never heard wet degree. Web or really “wet”

  5.   Jing Liu

    Why not read the posting itself? It’s wet for sure!

  6.   diploma

    Hey congratulation .. I am also looking for the information on the diploma program and I think that people here get the diploma or degree by doing hard work..

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