Meeting at the NLC

by Jing Liu ~ October 5th, 2009. Filed under: Events, Libraries in China, National Library of China, What others are saying.

The best part of the meeting is to hear what Chinese scholars are saying about overseas Chinese studies. Prof. Tang Yijie’s keynote speech was quite impressive. He criticized nationalism and self-centered Chinese studies.

James Cheng introduced the top Chinese collections in North America and Guoqing presented all the research projects by Chinese studies librarians in the States. I was happy meeting with colleagues from LC, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korean, Singapore, and etc. I have learned a great deal from European colleagues.

It’s the life-time experience. I feel lucky being there and I’m grateful to those people who made this trip possible.

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  1.   Qunqing

    So nice reading Jing post about her travel to Beijing. I can imagine how busy and how excited she was meeting so many old friends from all over the world. I am glad to share the happiness.

  2.   Carl Broady

    It sounds like an amazing, memorable and very rewarding trip. I would love to travel to Beijing.

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