CEAL in Philly

by Jing Liu ~ May 11th, 2010. Filed under: Professional Development, Uncategorized.

IMG_4416It’s my third visit and very different one. Riding a taxi with Tim to downtown, our busy chat covered Beijing, Shanghai, UBC, cooperation challenges, political bias and … here’s downtown Philly.

I took my suitcase to the first SCLC meeting in a Malaysian resturant. Gentleman Cheng Hong from UCLA ordered spicy food for me, as hot as the discussion, while Shuyong’s working with her laptop and greeting me the same time. We happily squeezed ourselves into the first Society photo. The small meeting followed the big one. That’s dedication and professional! It was quite late when i checked in to Marriott.

We had very open discussion at the second SCLC meeting by the end of CEAL conference. Besides, I was struck the most by meeting with Jin Yilin, who reminded me how much e-resources out there, and how tricky it is for us to differentiate those commercial ones from institutional ones. The translation with Su and Shi for the next day presentation kept us up until 3am.

Another impressive talk was by the gentleman from Google, who reminds us in a decade or so, all books will have their digital format, or born digitally.

The group visit to the Art Museum is the only outing, which completely changed my first impression of this historical city in the States.

As always, I enjoy our friendship the most at CEAL. This year, I made a few new friends. Time to contact them.

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