Prof. Meng back in Town

by Jing Liu ~ December 20th, 2010. Filed under: Uncategorized.

When Meng was finishing up his PhD, I just started at UBC. A few years ago, he came back to visit during the holiday season and summarized his rich post-UBC life into an hour story telling. We were excited and sighed together.

I was transferring my Dreamweaver homepage to the LTK Guide when Meng knocked on my door. I looked back and shouted out his name right away. We both were suprised to see much happier each other, and 晒了晒各自的幸福生活。The article I read over the weekend came to mind about Zhang Ling and her attacker. Zhang said the most important is not others, but always your own mind. Dr. Meng’s wife, Mengying, a sweet and beautiful girl from Taiwan came with him this time. I am really happy for both of them.

Besides the pretty Christmas cards, Meng’s visit reminds me those who spent years here at UBC. I hope to see them this season or in the summer time when the campus is peacefully quiet, and when I have time to look back and rethink what really matters. I miss those old friends who left UBC and act globally now: Mindy, Heather, Liu Shu, Xuemei, Li Hua, Henry, Tim Sedo, Lao Dai and Liaoyin in Oxford. Wish them all happy!

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  1.   Lingbo

    For the ones that are still in Metro Vancouver, we probably should have a get-together soon. Do you miss us, too?

  2.   Jing Liu

    Of Course, but swarmped at the moment. Let’s plan for early March.

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