UVic and DHSI

by Jing Liu ~ June 15th, 2011. Filed under: Events, Professional Development, Tech Trends, Uncategorized, What others are saying.

First time on UVic campus was on April 9th for BC China Scholars’ Symposium. I didn’t expect that sort of strong response to our presentation…I enjoyed my company of Chris, Allison, Tim, Anna, Desmond, and getting to know more China specialists in BC. On the ferry back home, I walked into Allan and Greg who just finished the BCLA annual conference. Greg not only bought me Starbucks, but also informed me the changes and his concerns of RPL.

Digital Humanity Summer Institute brought me to UVic the second time, and stayed for an entire week. Instead of bunnies, I saw deers on my way back to the dorm. Our DigiFun class really had a great time together. We quickly worked out a video report by dipping into each feature we covered, sound, video, web design. We skipped ahead to web 2.0 by posting to youtube.

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  1.   Allan

    It was an excellent week long workshop, I concur!


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