Crazy September

by Jing Liu ~ September 28th, 2011. Filed under: Instructions.

It’s nice to see new students comming in. I enjoy this orientation and instruction season, but can’t believe how busy this year is. Many new courses, including Manchu Studies. Will meet with Prof. Nappi on how to support her Manchu Seminars. Yesi is coming for the Wat Memorial Lecture.
Still trying to streamline the acquisition and save our time with vendors’ help. The Three-year branch project deserves some energy as well.

Loyal students Noa and Anna have kindly offered their experience and comments on our Library to the video. Thanks to Jodie’s help, the research guides have been updated.

What’s really worth mentioning here is both Hye-Jin and Jodie got job offers. I am proud of our GAAs. (This post was written before my accident)

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    Thank for your orientation

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