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by Jing Liu ~ October 2nd, 2011. Filed under: Events, Instructions, Uncategorized, What others are saying.

We tried a new format of orientation this term. Pascale from Political Science told me about her thesis proposal on China’s natural resource industry. The challenge is to collect and analyse different data sets from different sources, such as the associations on top of the National Statistical Bureau. She told me there are a whole lot more polisci graduate students this year and agreed to pass my invitation on.

A big group of Chinese graduate students showed up at around 4:30. Most are new from China and in business or science. They are lucky to have a leader like Yu Rong helping them to learn about UBC within the first month of their arrival. I started the tour from the lobby on the history of the Asian Centre, then Puban, then the change of user demands. I emphasized on the services UBC Libraries offer, which got their questions pouring out. They are polite and sharp and their literary and traditional cultural knowledge is quite amazing. One girl pointed out that the Chinese collection is outdated and hopes to hold some China related events with us.

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