Art of Relaxation

by Jing Liu ~ April 2nd, 2012. Filed under: Events, Experience, Instructions, Life.

Good relaxation activity -- snow owl watching

This program was nearby. I skipped lunch and tried to attend, but was almost stopped by a reference request on the way out. I felt guilty saying “no”, but did and rushed out. Besides the methods of relaxation, learning to say “no” really struck me.

Quite often, I skip lunch or spend too much time on non-UBC users’ requests, because I thought we are the last stop in this country for the information they seek. Today, I had three-class visit with last minute notice. I agreed to take care of them, because I was away and then sick, and so this is the last chance. I am glad I did and still feeling high now by answering their questions. Good students!

Just received Jonathan’s confirmation of receiving the rare movie DVD from UCSD Library. Still searching for the rare early 20th Century’s Shanghai journals for Gary. I am glad I don’t have to say “no” to our own folks thanks to my world-wide pro connections.

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