Director Zhu’s Visit

by Jing Liu ~ April 16th, 2012. Filed under: Events, Libraries in China, What others are saying.

My regular Thursday TS work was interrupted, and I had to return to Asian. Peking U. Library Director, Dr. Zhu Qiang, just arrived in town for Ingrid’s Presidential program. Shakeela came to Asian Library first to arrange for another group of VIP visitors. I picked enough rare objects from the vault right before Dr. Zhu showed up accompanied by Alvan and Jo Anne.

I met Dr. Zhu last Oct. in Xiamen. He only spent three days here. He asked about current teaching and research in China Studies, and he knows some profs at UBC. The upper floor didn’t impress him much, and he requested to see the special collection right away. He pointed out that our Puban Collection cataloguing is incomplete. PKU has a scientific lab that can test the age of ancient rarebooks. He even invited me to PKU. 朱馆虽然话不多,但是颇有气场。

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