Librarian friends are moving away

by Jing Liu ~ May 9th, 2012. Filed under: Life, News & Announcement, Professional Development.

Finally, warm weather came, and good friends are leaving. It’s our lost and Sillicon Valley’s gain! At the party, I was reminded about the readership of this blog. So, I am back here to say good-bye.

We are touched by you love birds and enjoyed our friendship. We are happy for your career development. Enjoy the sun, the new house and stay in touch!

3 Responses to Librarian friends are moving away

  1.   Qi

    My eyes are welling up with tears over your sweet words and the cute photo. Thanks Jing so much for being a terrific mentor and friend to me. With your guidance and inspiration, I made a smooth transition to be a librarian. I will follow the career path and be a good one.

    All my dear friends in Vancouver, I miss you already. Keep in touch and hopefully see you soon!

  2.   Heather


    谢谢刘老师数年如一日辛苦耕耘,让我们大家的友情得以维系,不论身在何方。每次读刘老师的博文都是一种享受,并且勾起我对UBC/Slais时光的怀念。在此表示衷心的感谢!– Heather

  3.   Lingbo

    What a beautiful photo! Thank you for capturing our thoughts and expressing our best wishes for the couple.

    Take care, love birds! Fly high, happy, and together, forever and ever.

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