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by Jing Liu ~ July 10th, 2012. Filed under: Awards, Grants & Scholarships, Experience, Libraries in China, Professional Development, What others are saying.

Hurricane Ridge 一览众山小

Never looked back until the LDO pushed me a few times. Vivienne followed up over the phone and asked for some rough numbers and dates. Then I am suprised by how many friends I have made globally and how much I have learnt from those activities. If the Collaborative Virtual Reference is considered as the fun start, then winning the BC Scholars to China and TLEF Fund has gained me financial support to reach out and wide. When I tried to slow down now, more and more invitations are rushing in. Our library users benefit the most and above all, I enjoyed all those long jurneys. 读完卷书不如行万里路,行万里路不如阅人无数,阅人无数不如名师指路,名师指路不如自己去悟. Glad I have experienced all these, and now just follow my own heart and select those work I like the best.

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