Instruction Season

by Jing Liu ~ September 19th, 2012. Filed under: Events, Instructions, Tech Trends.

Golden sunshine on leaves starting to turn red and yellow against the blue sky. Every day at UBC there are big groups of freshmen being oriented. Two weeks in this new term, and the excitement is still building. Prof. Rea’s new Ph.D student tried to meet one-on-one, but I have to run to the BBLearn Group meeting, already missed a meeting due to the Exhibit. Another Master student stopped me clarifying a seminar room location. I really need to focus on orientation and instruction now.

Half way to the Learning Centre, Prof. Shinn told me the next Wat lecturer, Dr. Wang Fan-sen, is coming in less than two weeks. Not enough time to put up the display if we don’t have all of his books.

Tried very hard to put the exhibit behind me, and so I can concentrate on the instruction. Collaborate is easy to use, so I will wait for Connect to settle in. Yvonne has spent lots of time on my Connect account. I like the best practice part of our group report, but so far, none of us have tried out delivering instruction in Connect. Anyway, it’s a good start for my online instruction that can reach the faculty and students no matter where they are.

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