Experiencing Japan

by Jing Liu ~ November 4th, 2012. Filed under: Experience, Libraries in Japan.

I was impressed by the flower arrangement teacher at the International Affairs of Tsukuba U. , elegant lady with very strong hands.

Prof. Sugimoto drove me and Patrick around the town, to his neighborhood and treated us for lunch in a traditional family owned restaurant. I have all the respect towards this scholar, who is open, humble and thoughtful.

Mei, my college friend and a Tsukuba graduate, drove me to Narita Temple and her house. I was so excited experiencing Japan outside of the campus. When we parked the car on Mei’s drive way, a group of first graders walked by from their school. I was formerly introduced to them and we were all got excited and were busy chatting and joking. They wanted to be in my picture and visit me in Canada for they know “many English words”.

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  1.   iz

    Its so nice to see your new post! It seems that the trip was very nice and impressive! You made me very jealous now!

  2.   Qinqin

    I love these two pics. You look great 🙂

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