Young Scholars on Manchuria 5/17/2013

by Jing Liu ~ May 21st, 2013. Filed under: Events, Libraries in China, Professional Development.

The Manchuria Workshop was hosted by our own Norman Smith at the IAR co sponsored by the CCR. I helped Norman when I first started at UBC, with his research on women writers and the Japanese occupation. Glad to know he made that project into the first book in English on women’s history in twentieth-century Manchuria. More impressive was that he has published two more books.

I was glad to see Prof. Sun from St. Mary’s and David Luesink, who is moving on to U. of Pittsburgh in August, and asked me to introduce him to Haihui. I enjoyed the chat with Victor from Harvard and CJ from Yale. Their Mandarin is equally fluent as their English. They have been working with a large amount of archives from China, Japan, Russia, and even resources from Korea. I will trace some archives in June from various institutions in Beijing for 4 requests from our PoliSci and History Ph.Ds.

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