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#Banksy, curriculum theorist? #Dismaland, curriculum?


Orca Tricks at Dismaland

Orca Tricks at Dismaland

To what degree is Banksy a curriculum theorist? Par excellence? To what degree a curriculum designer? A pedagogical visionary? To what end? And is Dismaland curriculum? Is it curriculum in the best way? Worst way? To what degree and end is this public curriculum and pedagogy?

BC Ministry rolls out new curriculum #bced #UBCteachered #UBCeducation

Last Tuesday, 1 September, BC’s Ministry of Education rolled out its new curriculum (Phase 1). Of course, the curriculum raises more questions than answers but that’s ok. For us in EDCP 601, the big question is what does the ministry mean by “curriculum.”

Simply put, “Curriculum is the game plan for teaching – it maps out what teachers teach, and what students are expected to learn.” So we start here, most recent and perhaps most importantly: What is curriculum and why does it matter? In this press release, the Ministry does not mention pedagogy or instruction but does mention learning a handful of times and teaching or teachers many times over.

What is pedagogy? Learning? Teaching? Instruction? Does it matter?