EDCP 601 – Curriculum and Pedagogy: History and Theory
This seminar is intended for first-year doctoral students. It examines the emergence of contemporary conceptions of curriculum and pedagogy, looking across various historical and theoretical influences. Emphasis is placed on analysis of varied conceptual and political perspectives, explicit and tacit rationales for formal education, and consequent principles that infuse conceptions and enactments of curriculum and pedagogy.

EDCP 602 – Curriculum and Pedagogy: Conceptualizing Research
This seminar is intended for second-year doctoral students. It unpacks the epistemological and ontological positions of various paradigms used in contemporary studies of curriculum and pedagogy. These include, but are not limited to, hermeneutic, critical, feminist, and post-structuralist thought. The course examines how scholars of curriculum and pedagogy interpret educational events, focusing on how methods and claims are informed by notions of truth, reality, and subjectivity.