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Oct 28 Symposium was awesome

Thanks again to everyone in the cohort for participating so fully during the three hours last week. Thank you to the speakers, Ms. Burk, Ms. MacLeod, Dr. Banack, Dr. Renwick, and Dr. Nashon for providing such rich experiences and discussions. Thank you Dr. Petrina and Ms. Ralph for opening up this assignment in this way so we could schedule it as such.

At our conclusion I got the feeling that everyone came away with something. We learned about the importance of “how” and “why,” explored the outdoors (from indoors), considered why knowing the difference between fruits and vegetables really matters, and saw STEM as more than just integrated topics. I am more enthralled with how I create community as an educator. The community and subsequent culture that gets established is very important in the work that I do.

We look forward to the fourth symposium in a couple of weeks 🙂 Surely it will provide a good closure to our graduate student symposia for the term.

Fun Exhibit open at Whatcom Museum (Bellingham, WA, USA)

Hi everyone,

My aunt put together an art exhibition in Bellingham. It is about books and their continued use in a developing electronic age. Please see the link for more information… it is a really neat show if you find yourself in Bellingham in the next couple of months.–Book-Art-on-the-Cutting-Edge–opens-at-the-Whatcom-Museum#.VghNtF4QXIV